Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brains or Body?

This past weeks I've been going to the gym just to get buffed up. You see I'm not really the muscular type. Actually I'm more of the skinny type so to boost my self-esteem I decided to do something about it and then hit the gym.

A few weeks have passed and I did notice the changes that were happening to my body and I was happy about it. Some of my friends actually notice it too. Unfortunately for me a week ago I started having stomach cramps so I went to see a doctor. The physician said that I might have amoebiasis and I need to stop eating gas forming and stomach irritating foods. If you actually think about it, that's almost every food I know. So from then on with the diet I have the weight that I gained from exercising in the gym and eating much to buff up suddenly went to it's original size and I feel somewhat low again.

I really feel that I wasted a lot of effort and time into doing this and then suddenly just one medical condition would bring me back to square one. Well, now instead of hitting the gym I just simply put my thoughts here. Funny huh?
I just thought to myself that maybe it isn't the proper time yet to get the body that I wanted. That's because just a few days from now I'll really stop going to the gym because I have to move to somewhere else just to get prep up for my licensure examination.

I just really hope something really good would turn out of this situation because if not then that would be a real disappointment for me.

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